About Us

Nearly World Famous Koi Food is a product of necessity. Our story will tell you how Nearly World Famous Koi Food and our business came to be. Our family business, Grass Roots Nursery, was founded over 39 years ago by Gary and Rosemary Bates.

Mom and Dad started something good. As the small business grew so did our interests and so did that of our customers. From landscape contracting, to retail garden center, we reinvented ourselves 30 years ago and began our journey into the best form of gardening.  Water gardening became our passion. The koi and other ornamental pond fish soon followed, and so did the challenges.

After experimenting with many of the different brands of “koi food” that are out there, we discovered that many of the ingredients used to manufacture them are just fillers, and not good for the health of the koi, their colors, or their energy. Not only do koi need to eat, they need to eat what is good for them so they can show their best colors, stay healthy, and have exuberance at feeding time. We found many of these products lacked the luster and quality that the price tag demanded. So we did something about it – we developed and manufactured our own brand of koi food!

Our goals for Nearly World Famous Koi Food are simple; wholesome and necessary ingredients combined to provide a solid nutritious diet, that enhances colors naturally, is cost effective, and is American made.

Here we are, nearly 40 years later, a second generation, family owned business, manufacturing and distributing our very own “Nearly World Famous Koi Food”. We are proud of our product and we hope that you will give it a try. Let us help you grow large, healthy and happy koi!

Thanks for reading.

The Bates Family

Scott, Melissa, Jared & Sam